Acer Aspire V5-573G original display (HD 1366x768) matt slimline

ACER Original
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Product note

This product is EOL (End of Life)

Common data


Technical Data

15.6 Zoll / 39.6 cm
HD 1366x768
matt (nonreflecting)
Frame rate
Length / Width
36,2 cm / 22.0 cm
top / bottom

Display connection

Position of display connector
bottom right
Width of display connector
2.0 cm
Number of pins
30 eDP

High-quality original displays from Acer are always a perfect fit, functionally reliable and in convincing top quality.

When you purchase an original Acer display, you can be sure you will receive a replacement notebook display that is equipped with the fastening devices (brackets or adhesive pads) that exactly match your notebook. The pin count of the connectors and their position on the display are also securely compatible with the existing connectors and cabling length. In addition, the display type and design also correspond exactly to the manufacturer’s configuration for your notebook model. This means that the display can always be replaced, and unpleasant surprises, incorrect purchases or damage to the notebook due to attempts to install incompatible replacement displays are avoided.



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Frequently asked questions about Displays

  • How can I find the correct Display for my Notebook?
    • You can measure the diagonal of your display by measuring from one corner to the opposite one.
    • If you need to you can then convert it from cm to inches or vice versa (1 inch = 2,54 cm) to get the desired measurement.
    • Some sticker on the device can also contain further information about the Display.
    • If you can not find any information you will have to remove the display to see its part number on the back.
    See also:
  • How can I measure the size of my notebook display?

    You have to measure the diagonal of your display by measuring from one corner to the opposite one.

    You might have to convert from cm to inches. 1 inch is 2,54 cm, so a 19" display would also be a 48cm display.

  • How can I recognize a pixel error in my Display?

    When manufacturing a Display there can be errors in some pixels. This will result in the pixel or sub-pixel not letting any light pass or never blocking light. If a complete pixel is defective it will either be black or white. However, the same error can also occur in a subpixel, which will then result in it always/never displaying its respective color (either red, green or blue). Due to the very high number of pixels such errors are almost impossible to avoid, and that is why displays with a few pixel errors are still shipped.

  • My Display has lines

    Vertical or horizontal lines are almost always a sign for a display damage.

    A display damage is also indicated by lines that (dis-)appear when the display is pressed on.

    In this case the display has to be exchanged.

  • My Display is flickering, do I need a new one?
    • In most cases a flickering of the display indicates its defect, then it will have to be swapped.
    • In some cases it can be the display cable, then the display will not have to be exchanged.
  • Why is my Display extremely dark?

    If the Display is black, but the Desktop can still be seen a bit, this means, that the background light has died.

    Some of the errors could be:

    • A defective inverter or CCFL tube
    • A broken cable
    • The switch detecting whether the lid is open or closed could be stuck
    • There could be a damage on the Mainboard.

    In most cases it is probably best if you send your device in for repair to a specialist.

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