Display-Inverter board for IBM ThinkPad X200s Serie

Display-Inverter board for IBM ThinkPad X200s Serie
 This article is EOL (End of Life) and not longer available.

Unfortunately there are no alternative products.

This product is EOL (End of Life): Display-Inverter board for IBM ThinkPad X200s Serie

If a spare part is no longer available from IPC-Computer and the manufacturer, it will be displayed as EOL in the shop. The product can no longer be ordered in the shop. Nevertheless, we often receive further inquiries if we can deliver. We only show the status EOL if it is 100% guaranteed that an item can no longer be delivered.

If there is still a theoretical chance of availability, we always set the status: Items with delivery problems.

Almost all manufacturers set spare parts to EOL (= End of Life) status when they have been sold out. The article is then no longer available from the manufacturer and thus discontinued. The manufacturer is also no longer able or willing to produce this spare part.

For this product there is unfortunately also no alternative or replica product, which we could supply as a compatible product.

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Display Inverter board suitable for your laptop
Condition: new

Display Inverter Tausch mit einer CCFL Röhre (Notebook / Laptop)


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  • How can I tell if the Inverter is defective?

    The inverter is usually defective when the screen turns of suddenly and doesn't come back on. If there is a short red tint, flickering, or change in brightness it usually isn't the inverter, but rather the CCFL tube.

  • How do you test if the Inverter cable is broken?

    Inverter cables can be tested with a simple continuity tester. If spare parts are available the cable is exchanged otherwise it has to be repaired.

  • What is an Inverter?

    An Inverter is responsible for the start and operation of the CCFL-tube. It converts 12 Volt to the 1000 Volt the CCFL-tube needs to start and the 600 Volt it needs to operate.

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