Connector repair - Sensitive parts require sensitive handling

Connector Repair
Defective USB-Connector

Network, power and audio connectors of the external image output are important, indispensable components for the operation and daily use of the device. Since these jacks are often located directly on the motherboard, the concern is often that a complete replacement of the motherboard will be necessary, which is usually expensive and tedious. In some cases even this solution is impossible, if the manufacturer has stopped the production of spare parts for the respective device.


Connector repair at a flat rate of 139€

Connector repair
defective connector

Here, the IPC notebook workshop can help you. Thanks to trained technicians, we can exchange individual connectors for you. What if the manufacturer has already stopped the production of a component? Nevertheless, in most cases we will find a practicable, equivalent solution for your problem.

The costs are kept within clear limits for you. Register your notebook today for a socket repair at the all-inclusive price of 139€ incl. VAT!



Videos surrounding the issue of connector repairs

DO IT YOURSELF Repair - DC-Connector

connector repair
defective connector

For those who are confident that they can exchange power sockets themselves, we also have the most common dc-connectors available in our shop.