HP power supplies

All HP power supplies can be ordered directly here from the wholesaler

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  • Using the HP Laptop Power Adapter Finder, you can easily select and order any HP power supply using the laptop model.
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  • By only selling original HP power supplies, you can rely on optimal compatibility and also in terms of security you are with original charging cables from HP on the safe side.
  • Especially in the area of network adapters from HP, we have all laptop AC adapter available in stock.
  • In addition, all power supplies together with the corresponding appropriate power cables are supplied.

The original AC adapter from HP in our shop all wear the CE marking and have passed all safety-relevant tests. In addition, the power supplies also have built-in overheating and overcharge protection. Thus, the use of original power supplies from HP also brings a big plus point in terms of safety. The compatibility of laptop and power supply can be guaranteed by using original charging cable by HP.

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