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ASUS laptop models

From beginner to gaming laptop, ASUS has it all. What you ultimately decide on depends entirely on your individual needs. All ASUS models have in common that they are reliable and have a powerful battery.

With the ASUS ROG Series, ROG stands for "Republic of Gamers, all passionate gamers are being satisfied. These models are characterized by their flawless performance and their high screen resolution.

The ASUS ZenBook from the UX series impresses with its thin yet robust design. On top of the ultra-light aluminium enclosure, this device combines capacity and mobility. The Zen series also includes the ZenFone, the ZenWatch and the ZenPad.

Furthermore, they have small and light products in their ASUS Vivobook series. Those attributes make these EeeBooks very handy. Adding onto that, their seemingly endless battery life makes them a reliable companion in everyday life.

If the decision between tablet or laptop proves to be difficult, the solution is a 2-in-1 device from ASUS. There is a distinction between "Transformer Books" and "Convertibles". With the Transformer Book series, you can easily detach the display which also has an integrated touch function. Basically, this means that you can now use it as a tablet. The screens of the convertibles can't be detached, but rotated by 360°. All convertible devices have the additional label "Flip" in their names.

For the business peole, ASUS offers laptops with even more power. The ASUS Pro Series from the B-series is perfect for business use with its rugged housing and powerful battery, and it's also incredibly easy to handle.

The ASUS Taichi meshes Ultrabook and 2-in-1-Design. Folded it can be used as a tablet and opened as a laptop. Thanks to its unique dual display design, the ASUS taichi can be used both as a tablet and as a laptop at the same time.

Overall, the product range of ASUS is way bigger than just laptops. Their convincing All-in-One-PCs can compete with those of other manifacturers. These computers unite exceptional entertainment and all other PC functions within a compact enclosure. 

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Unser Special-Shop für Asus Ersatzteile

Unser Special-Shop für Asus Ersatzteile

Strukturiert und übersichtlich

In unserem Asus Special-Shop sind die MB-Ver. Nummern 1 zu 1 aus dem Teilekatalog von Asus gelistet. Selbst, wenn Sie das gesuchte Teil hier nicht finden können, werden Sie dort bestimmt fündig.

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Das richtige Asus Ersatzteil finden

Das richtige Asus Ersatzteil finden

Umfangreiches Lagersortiment

IPC-Computer ist offizieller ASUS Ersatzteil Distributor. Dadurch können Sie alle Asus Ersatzteile bei uns beziehen. In diesem Beitrag zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie das passende Ersatzteil finden können.

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So identifizieren Sie Ihr Asus Modell

So identifizieren Sie Ihr Asus Modell

MB Ver. = Mainboard Version

In diesem Beitrag zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie die richtige Modellnummer (MB-Ver. = Mainboard Versions Nummer) von Ihrem Asus Gerät finden.

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The Asus brand

ASUS, founded in the late 1980s in Taiwan, can now be named among the world's largest laptop manufacturers. Everything started with the development and manufacture of mainboards, and today ASUS also launches displays, laptops, tablets, smartphones and even it's own graphics card. The name ASUS derives from the mythical creature Pegasus and is symbolic of wisdom and knowledge. This can be seen as a guiding principle for all ASUS products, which merge the latest technologies, impressive design and modern computing.