Motherboard Repair - operating on the heart of the device

The motherboard is the central piece of a computer. On this board components like processor (CPU), memory, the BIOS chip, the interface components and slots for any expansion cards are mounted. This board is the heart of every device and therefore requires appropriate know-how for all work and repairs carried out on it. Only with thorough training and a lot of experience one should dare to approach a mainboard repair.


Motherboard Repair

Motherboard Repair - Only trust experts

Some dubious repair services think a motherboard can be repaired by simply putting the motherboard into the oven and hoping that everything works again afterwards. The fact that this technique is not sustainable, even the laymen should understand.

If you send us your device with an error description, your problems will not be categorized according to scheme "F" and processed according to sample specifications. We diagnose the exact extent of the damage for each order. In case of damage to the motherboard, it is important to determine all affected components and to get a holistic picture of the situation. Only then can we show you sustainable and economical solutions for a mainboard repair.

With the most modern measuring and diagnostic equipment and a sophisticated methodology, our specialists are able to locate almost any motherboard defect and to isolate the affected areas and components - in the shortest possible time. Our in-house BGA machine even enables us to carry out cost-effective chip repairs.

Benefit from the wealth of experience of our notebook technicians. This saves you from a lot of frustration, unnecessarily high costs and above all downtimes.

Advantages of a Mainboard Repair at IPC Computer

  • Thanks to over 20 years of experience, we know the probable cause in 70% of all cases from your damage description, even before you send in the device.
  • Modern equipment and an advanced technical inventory of over 300 devices for real functional tests make it possible to locate almost any damage.
  • The in-house BGA machine even allows cost-effective repairs for chips.
  • The knowledge of typical construction errors of the manufacturers and ready-made solution concepts for their elimination make incredibly fast and cheap repairs possible.

A motherboard defect does not have to mean a financial disaster or even the end of your notebook. Simply register your notebook with us for a mainboard repair!

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