Tilt Pen original suitable for HP Envy x360 13-ag0600

HP Original
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Universal MPP 2.0 Pen (USB-C) suitable for HP Envy x360 13-ag0600

Universal MPP 2.0 Pen (USB-C) suitable for HP Envy x360 13-ag0600

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PEN95R Tilt Pen b-stock

PEN95R Tilt Pen b-stock

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Product Info

Common data

Delivery includes
2x replacement tips / USB-C cable / manual

Technical Data

Pen protocol
MPP / N-Trig
Weight (g)
14 g
Length (cm)
15 cm
Diameter (mm)
9.5 mm
Number of buttons
Pressure levels
Tilt function
Power supply
Running time
Operating system
Windows 10 / Windows 11

Live your creativity and write and paint like on paper. Thanks to the integrated presentation control, the HP Tilt Pen is also a perfect companion for work and school.
The pen provides a true-to-life drawing experience with its tilt feature and pressure detection.
Activate presentation mode to conveniently move the cursor, scroll through slides, and highlight key points in your presentation.

- Customizable Bluetooth key
- Compatible with Windows Ink
- Battery life of up to 10 hours
- Rechargeable via USB-C
- State-of-the-art N-trig technology
- Precise tip for full control
- Compatible with HP devices with Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP)

Suitable for Windows Ink-enabled MPP touchscreen devices with Microsoft Windows 10/11 operating system

Note on use: The use of screen protectors/glass may affect the accuracy and glide of the pen.

* Please note that the pen only works with MPP-enabled touchscreen devices. Among other things, it does not work on touchpads, touch keyboards or conventional tablets or smartphones.


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