NC.23811.08Z original Acer stylus

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NC2381108Z, US1051

Please note that this pen can only be used with models that have already been delivered with the corresponding features for the use of a pen. You can find out whether your model is suitable directly from the manufacturer Acer.

Item Number
NC2381108Z, US1051

Common data


Technical Data

Weight (g)
4 g
Length (cm)
12,5 cm
Diameter (mm)
5.5 mm
Number of buttons
Pressure levels
Power supply
internal connector


Pens / Stylus
Excerpt of suitable models for P/N NC.23811.08Z
Acer Spin 3 (SP313-51N)

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How do styluses work and what should be considered?

How do styluses work and what should be considered?

Using a pen to operate the touchscreen is a convenient feature. But not every pen works with every notebook or tablet. You have to pay attention to these features.
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Frequently asked questions about Pens

  • My Stylus is not working. What can I do?
    • If your Stylus is using batteries, make sure you have inserted the right batteries in the right orientation and that they are fully charged.
    • If this is the first time trying to use the stylus, you might have to remove a piece of insulation between the batteries and the contact. Usually this can just be pulled out from the side.
    • If it is not using batteries, make sure the stylus is fully charged.
    • If it is still not working, try restarting the device you are trying to use the stylus with or using it with another compatible device.
    • If this should still not work contact us, or the manufacturer o the device.