Optical Drives for Laptops

What kind of optical drive do i need?

Optical Drive

The choice of optical drives has become so wide that you should think twice before buying a new one.

First you need to decide which media you want to play and burn. The most common drives can both read and burn DVDs and CDs. However, you might need a Blu-ray drive to play back your high-definition movie collection. If you want to burn your own movies to Blu-Rays or backup your data, we have Blu-Ray burners in our shop.

If you don't want to play or burn optical media at all, but want to expand the memory of your notebook, we also offer adapters. With these you can use a hard disk instead of your optical drive. With an additional adapter you can use your optical drive externally.

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Slim-SATA Port

Which optical drive fits your laptop?

The connection and design of drives are basically standardized. All modern drives use a so-called Slim-SATA connector, which is almost identical to that of hard drives.

In addition, there are still differences in the height of optical drives in notebooks. Thus one differentiates between Slim and Ultra Slim.

Besides the normal drives, where the medium is placed on a carrier, which is then pulled in, there are also slotloading variants, which have no carrier. However, these are rare in notebooks.

If you are not sure which drive fits into your notebook, our spare part finder will help you.

Laptop Drive

Videos surrounding optical drives

BluRay Brenner Aufrüstung - Voraussetzungen u. Vorteile

BluRay Brenner Aufrüstung - Voraussetzungen u. Vorteile

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Universal Festplatten Einbaurahmen für den CD/DVD Laufwerk Schacht

Universal Festplatten Einbaurahmen für den CD/DVD Laufwerk Schacht

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Fujitsu Siemens Festplatten-Einbaurahmen für den Multibay-Schacht (SATA)

Fujitsu Siemens Festplatten-Einbaurahmen für den Multibay-Schacht (SATA)

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Optisches Laufwerk tauschen SATA ODD einbauen (Notebook / Laptop)

Optisches Laufwerk tauschen SATA ODD einbauen (Notebook / Laptop)

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Anleitung: Optisches Laufwerk incl. Frontblende im Notebook austauschen

Anleitung: Optisches Laufwerk incl. Frontblende im Notebook austauschen

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Einbaurahmen für Optisches Laufwerk / DVD-Brenner tauschen (Notebook / Laptop)

Einbaurahmen für Optisches Laufwerk / DVD-Brenner tauschen (Notebook / Laptop)

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Why should you buy from IPC-Computer?

Our spare part finder will help you find exactly the right drive for your notebook, so you don't accidentally buy the wrong part. In addition, we have matching models for almost every notebook in stock, so we can deliver quickly and you have a fully functional notebook again.

Optical Drives FAQ

Here you will find all important questions and answers about optical drives / ODD

  • Can I remove or swap my optical drive myself?

    This is possible if you have the right skills and feel confident enough to do it. You can try this by removing and reinstalling your current optical drive. However, it is very important to motorize the position of all screws and brackets, by using the wrong screws you could potentially damage your drive or computer.

    Additionally, the following videos might help, even though they are in German.

  • I have a DVD-burner in my Notebook, can I exchange it for a Blu-Ray burner?

    This is technically possible, although there are a few things you need to consider.

    First your DVD drive needs to be connected via SATA and not PATA, because that is what all Blu-Ray drives use. Second you should test, whether your system meets the requirements of playing a Blu-Ray with a tool like BD & 3D Advisor by Cyberlink.

  • My optical drive will no longer open, how do I get the CD out?

    That your optical drive won't open could be due to a program using it. Try killing it using the task manager. The you should be able to open the optical drive again.

    Should this method not work, try opening the drive by inserting something like a paperclip into the emergency eject hole in the front bezel. However, this method does not work with slot in drives.

    In this case or in the case that the drive still won't open you will have to consult a specialist.

  • What does GBAS stand for?

    Optical drive manufacturers used o use different types of bezels for their drives, which made it hard wo find one for your drive. That is why the ?General Bezel Assembling Standard? has been created, now most bezels should fit on most optical drives.

  • What optical can be installed in my Notebook?

    Which optical drive can be installed in your Notebook depends on three factors

    Which connection type is used? (SATA or PATA)

    What height of optical drive is used? (Slim 12,5mm or SuperSlim 9,5mm)

    Does your laptop meet the System requirements?

    SATA drives can not be used with a PATA controller and vice versa.

     Before installing your new optical drive, make sure you attached the mounting bracket from the old drive to the new one.

    Most optical drives are sold without a bezel, make sure you attach the old one to the new drive.

    With the tool BD & 3D Advisor you can check whether your System has enough performance to play Blu-Rays.          

  • Which region code do I need?

    In Germany and GB region code 2 is used, in the USA and Canada it is region code 1. Further information can be found in this Wikipedia-article

  • Why can my DVD-drive no longer read DVDs but still CDs?

    In most cases this is due to the material fatigue of the laser head, due to this it can no longer focus the beam enough to read the track width on a DVD. However it still works with CDs because they use a wider track.

  • Why is my new DVD drive not being recognized?
    • First you should check, whether it is seated correctly in the slot, if not the pins could not be making contact.
    • It could also be a problem with the firmware of your drive, which could lead to it not being recognized in the BIOS. If this is the case a new firmware has to be flashed on to the drive.

    If it still won't work thee is the suspicion, that your device drive might be broken.