12G14501103W Asus DC-Connector 5.5/2.5mm 3PIN

12G14501103W Asus DC-Connector 5.5/2.5mm 3PIN
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Features for: 12G14501103W Asus DC-Connector 5.5/2.5mm 3PIN

ASUS Original Original sparepart directly from the ASUS distributor

Item Number


Common data



Technical Data

Socket outer diameter

  5.5 mm

Socket inner diameter

  2.5 mm

Number of pins


Socket contains pin



We offer no support for DC-Connectors – please search your DC-Connector according to our pictures and the technical data. (Size and compare the outer and inner diameter (tip) and check if the design (footprint) is the same, as the DC-Connector in your laptop.)

We ONLY offer the DC-Connectors, which you find in our shop.



  DC-In Connectors



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