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Acer Iconia spare parts

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The Acer Iconia tablet series

Acer distributes various tablets under the Iconia name. In contrast to the Switch series, most of these devices do not run Windows, but the mobile operating system Android. This makes these devices somewhat less flexible. At least with regard to their purpose, since they are more limited in the programs they can run. However, these tablets are also much more affordable.

This is mainly due to the fact that Android requires less resources than Windows. So Android only needs about half of the memory Windows needs. In addition, it also gets by very well with only 32 gigabytes of memory. With Windows this is hardly enough for an installation of the operating system, let alone for programs. In addition, much more energy-efficient processors can be used. This means that even with a smaller battery in an Acer Iconia Tablet, a longer battery life can be achieved than in a comparable Windows Tablet. Thus, an Acer Iconia power supply can also be much smaller. In most cases, the devices can easily be charged via USB, so you don't have to take an additional power supply with you.

However, the Iconia devices are not designed to work as well as the Switch series from Acer. For example, there are no keyboards that can be magnetically attached like the Switch series. In addition, these devices do not support stylus, making them less suitable for handwritten notes and drawings. But Acer has put more focus on music and video playback. Most Iconia series devices have Full-HD screens and many have stereo speakers pointing towards the user for the best streaming experience.