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Fujitsu Lifebook E Series

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Fujitsu Lifebook E Series

Fujitsus Lifebook series is primarily aimed at companies. The notebooks of the E series are especially designed for small to medium-sized companies. The notebooks of this series offer similar features to those of the A series. These include the strong performance and the versatile connection options. However, the Fujitsu Lifebook E Series offers even more features that set it apart from the A Series. These include the fingerprint sensor and the encrypted hard drive. This ensures that no sensitive company data falls into the wrong hands. The notebooks also offer the option of connecting them to a docking station, which is advantageous for shared desk environments.

Even though the E Series Lifebooks are very robust notebooks, a defect may still occur after intensive use. But with our fast shipping and easy-to-repair Lifebook E Series design, you'll have most damage repaired in no time. In most cases, changing the battery does not even require opening the notebook, even other components such as the keyboard, fan and cooler can be changed by loosening just a few screws. 

Fujitsu Lifebook E Series

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