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Fujitsu Primergy Server Spare Parts

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Selection of the desired spare part

Select the Fujitsu Primergy series for which you are looking for a spare part. Here you will find every spare part, be it for the Tower Servers of the TX Series, the Rack Servers of the RX Series or the Bladen Servers of the BX Series. Of course we also have the right spare parts for older Primergy series.

Fujitsu Primergy TX1230M4

Fujitsu Primergy Server of the TX 1xxx Series

With the Primergy TX 1xxx series, Fujitsu offers servers for small to medium-sized businesses. These servers have a socket for one CPU, but still offer space for expansion cards and hard disks. This makes them perfect for supporting businesses by hosting printing, file sharing and other services. Like all other Fujitsu Primergy servers, they can also be configured with two power supply units for maximum reliability.


Fujitsu Primergy TX12550M4

Fujitsu Primergy Server of the TX 2xxx Series

The TX 2xxx series adds another bonus to the servers of the TX 1xxx series. The servers keep the tower form factor but a second CPU can be installed. This makes these servers suitable for demanding tasks and a large number of users.

Fujitsu Primergy RX13300M3

Fujitsu Primergy Server RX of the 1xxx Series

The RX 1xxx series is the rackmount equivalent of the TX 1xxx series. It is the right choice for smaller companies that still have a server rack or for less intensive tasks that require their own server.


Fujitsu Primergy RX2520M4

Fujitsu Primergy Server of the RX 2xxx Series

The RX 2xxx series is Fujitsu's most versatile server series, but they always offer space for two CPUs. In addition, they can be configured with several TB RAM or as a storage server with many hard disks. They are therefore also suitable for larger companies and can handle even the most demanding tasks.

Fujitsu Primergy RX13300M3

Fujitsu Primergy Server of the RX 4xxx Series

For the most compute-intensive applications, such as virtualization and in-memory databases, Fujitsu's server division designed the RX 4xxx series. With 4 processors and up to 6 TB RAM, these applications are up to any task. In addition, they offer space for a variety of hard disks and expansion cards such as 100GbE or SAS adapters. With the conventional 2U form factor, these servers also save valuable rack space.

Find Fujitsu Primergy spare parts quickly and easily

Manufacturer-Tool: Primgery-Illustrated Spares

To find the right spare part for your Fujitsu Primergy Server you can also use this tool from Fujitsu.