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HP Pavilion Gaming Series

The Pavilion series from HP is primarily aiming for private users. This sector is also demanding more and more performance as video games become more and more popular. In response, HP launched the Pavilion Gaming Notebook Series. These notebooks resemble the normal Pavilions in many ways. However, they have stronger graphics cards so they can play more sophisticated games fluently. If you have a problem with your beginner gaming notebook, you will find all necessary spare parts, such as keyboards in our shop.


Popular Pavilion Gaming Models

HP Pavilion 15 Series

For all those who need a notebook to write e-mails or surf the web in the first place, these are exactly what you need. The 15-inch display offers enough space to comfortably view content, yet the device remains compact enough to be taken along. And thanks to the large battery, this shouldn't be a problem. Thanks to this, you can also do your work far away from an electrical outlet. If your battery has lost capacity over time, you can find a new one in our shop.


Popular HP Pavilion 15 Models

HP Pavilion 17

For all those who need a larger display and don't take their notebook with them so often, HP offers these notebooks with a 17 inch display. The larger display makes it possible to display several things at the same time without getting too small. In addition, these notebooks also offer enough processor power and RAM for more intensive tasks, such as image processing. Should your notebook run out of memory, or do you want a faster SSD? You will find these as well as other spare parts, e.g. power supply, also with us.


Popular HP Pavilion 17 Models

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