HDD Mounting Frame and Adapter

What's a HDD mounting frame?

You want to install another HDD in your notebook, but there are not enough free slots left? This is exactly what so-called HDD mounting frames are suitable for. They make sure that the hard disk does not sit loosely in the notebook. In some cases, an adapter is also required to connect the HDD to the mainboard. This adapter is also available in our shop to match the HDD mounting frame and your notebook model.

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Build in a mounting frame or a hard disk?

Installing a hard disk mounting frame is usually not a big effort as long as the notebook has a so-called service door. This service door has to be screwed on and is able to, including the hard disk, fix the mounting frame with a few screws. These screws are included in an order at IPC-Computer, so you don't have to buy suitable screws first.


If your notebook doesn't have a service door, things get a bit more complicated, because you have to unscrew the whole notebook in order to install the hard disk.

What different mounting frames are there?

There are mounting frames for internal hard drive, but it is also possible to replace the optical drive of the notebook with a hard drive. This is especially suitable for those whose drive bay is hardly ever used and who want to integrate an additional hard disk into their computer.

IPC-Computer hard disk mounting frame

The IPC-Computer hard disk mounting frame is suitable for any SATA drive bay, the front panel is included. The delivery also includes a screwdriver and the two screws to fix the hard disk in the frame. The model is available in two different heights: 12.7 mm/ 9.5 mm (Extra Slim).

With this mounting frame you can even install up to three hard drives in your laptop, two in the internal bays and one in the drive bay. Another advantage of the drive bay is the extremely uncomplicated installation, so you can easily replace the HDD frame with the optical drive as needed.

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