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What do I need a tablet pen for and what is it exactly?

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A tablet pen, as the name suggests, is a pen that you use for tablets and laptops with touchscreen. One one hand, the input is given with a lot of precision, as the touching point with the screen is only the thin tip of the pen. On the other hand, you can prevent polluting the screens with fingerprints.


For the basic understanding of how a tablet pen actually works, let's first look at the two basic functional principles of a touchscreen. On one side, there's the resistive one, on the other side there's the capacitive one. The resistive touchscreen plays an important role in the industry as it responds to pressure and can be operated with gloves without any problems. On the flipside, the capacitive touchscreen has to be touched with a conductive object, i.e. with a finger or a conductive input pen. Most importantly, the capacitive technologie dominates the smartphone and tablet market.

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Can you use every Tablet Pen for all monitors?

No, because every manufacturer uses different input technoligies. 
You can use any capacitive touchscreen with a simple pen with conductive rubber tip. Basically, this just is a digital finger which is more comfortable and doesn't leave dirty fingerprints. Since the technologie behind this is very simplistic, such pens are relatively inexpensive.


In contrast, the so-called active input pen or active stylus must be compatible with the respective tablet. This is because maufacturers are applying highly complex technologies that enable the user to write or draw on his device like on paper. Additionally, this kind of tablet pen can modified with buttons and switches and thus can act as a substitude for the mouse. This provides functions such as erase and undo. Especially in the industry of modern graphic design, such high-precision pens with special drawing tablets are an enormous relief. 

An example of compatibility of active stylus and tablet is the VivoTab Note 8 tablet from ASUS. Due to the special EMR (Electro Magnetic Resonance) technology, there is exactly one suitable pen that can be used for this tablet. However, it is also possible that different manufacturers use the same electronics for their pens, which are only slightly different in appearance. Furthermore, this makes these stylus pens compatible with each other despite originating from various producers. One example of this would be Asus, HP and Dell, all offering the same stylus pen, with different model designations.

What you have to know about Stylus Pens and which high-quality alternatives there are

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Users of the Stylus Pens often complain about problems such as the constant failure to detect the pen. Therefore, a hard reset may be a necessary workaround here. In doing so we interrupted the power supply by the battery for a second. In case this doesn't lead to success, the pen probably has a defect, which often suggests a lack of quality of the entire electronics. Similarly, low battery life or a breaking top are often a sign that money has been saved in the production process. Therefore, for good and reliable performance, use original products of the manufacturers. Although the prices are slightly higher, they are of higher quality and thus present a better value for money. You can buy these original products in our shop. 


Asus Stylus Pen 90NB0000-P00100

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This Asus Stylus Pen convinces with its elegant aluminium design and is comfortably easy to handle with a weight of only 16 grams. Furthermore, there are two built-in buttons for erasing an clicking/highlighting. Adding onto that, the pen also has a clip holder which can be used to attach it onto something. A long battery life is guaranteed, and two AAAA-Batteries are supplied. The Asus pen fits perfectly with these Asus Transformer Tablets: Asus Mini T102HA, Asus T303UA and Asus T305CA.


Asus Stylus Pen 04190-00100200

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The black design of this pen fascinates with its simple elegance. Surprisingly, with 11 grams, it's even lighter than a ballpoint pen. Like many other models, the Asus Stylus pen 04190-00100200 has delete and click functions integrated in two buttons. Furthermore, a clip is attached. The delivery includes two AAAA-Batteries. Finally, the pen is suitable for Asus TransformerBook T90/T100/T300 Chi series.


Lenovo Digitizer Pen 04W1477

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The Digitizer Pen from Lenovo can't be noticed when writing because of his featherweight 9 gram. Similarly as most Stylus pens, there are two buttons with a delete and a click function. This delivery includes fives spare tops and a tool to tighten them up. The Pen fits the Lenovo ThinkPad laptops W700/DS, W701/DS and tablets X200, X201/I, X220/I, X230/I, X60 and X61 model series.

What differences are there between tablets are there and which model is right for you?

Dell Stylus Pen 07DMHT

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The Dell stylus pen with ergonomic design in silver/black has two customizable buttons with delete function. With the thin 1mm topyou can draw precise lines. In addition, the pen has a pressure sensor that lets you individually determine the thickness of your font. On top of that there is a clip holder. From an weight-perspective, it's comparable to an average ballpoint pen at around 19 grams. The pen is compatible with the  Dell Venue 8 Pro (except Dell Venue 8 Pro 3845) and Venue 11 Pro. An AAAA-Battery is included in the delivery.


HP Pro Tablet Active Pen K8P73AA

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The gray-black HP Pro Tablet Active-Pen provides a sense of writing like a real pen. This is achieved by the integrated pressure sensor. Additionally, this pen has two buttons on the side with the usual delete and right-click functions. The weight of the pen is slighty higher than most comparable models with around 25 grams, but this makes little difference in handling. On the contrary, many owners perceive the heavier desing as a positive and a rather noble feature. Furthermore, a clip is attached, AAAA-Battery inclusive. This pen is suitable for the business laptop PC devices of the model series: HP Spectre pro x360 G1 and G2 series, HP Elite X2-1012 Series-or also suitable for the business tablets of the HP Pro Tablet 408 G1 series.