Port Replicators and Docking Stations for laptops

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In case you use your laptop mostly stationary and you want to connect many peripheral devices such as printer, mouse, keyboard or external screens, a port replicator or a suitable docking station can be a very useful extension. As a result, the peripheral devices are no longer connected directly to the laptop and thus the common mess with all the cables can be avoided.

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What's the difference between port replicators and docking stations?

In the first place, the two differ in the way they are connected to the laptop. Port replicators are connected via USB, whereas docking stations have an internal interface. This means that the laptop can be connected quickly and easily with a docking stations. However, most docking stations are therefore not compatible with each other and are limited to a specific laptop series. On the other hand, a port replicator would be a better choice for a workplace with different laptops.


USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port-replicators

Port replicators, that are connected via USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 form a third category, that unifies the advantages of the other two. Both connections are standardized and present on more and more notebooks and they also both have a high bandwidth. Therefore, they can easily be used to connect a plethora of USB-devices, card readers, LAN and so on without any problem. Additionally, these connection can also carry a DisplayPort signal, which allows for the connection of multiple high-resolution displays. USB Power-Delivery also allows you to charge the Notebook using only one cable. Additionally, many USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 port replicators have an on/off button and therefore also allow you to use the notebook with the lid closed.

YouTube videos surrounding port replicators and docking stations

ASUS Universal USB 2.0 Port Replikator für Notebook / Laptop

ASUS Universal USB 2.0 Port Replikator für Notebook / Laptop

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Hewlett Packard Dockingstation mit 120W-Netzteil (Notebook / Laptop)

Hewlett Packard Dockingstation mit 120W-Netzteil (Notebook / Laptop)

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Advantages of port replicators and docking stations - A Comparison

  Docking Stations Port Replikatoren USB-C/Thunderbolt 3
Extension of ports
Direct charge of the laptop X
Compatible with different manufacturers X
Laptop closed operational X

Docking Station - Dell Advanced E-Port Plus II

[Translate to Englisch:] Dockingstation Dell Advanced E-Port Plus II

With its numerous ports, a connection of two external displays is possible. On top of that this Dell docking station has a port for an E series monitor stand. Furthermore, there is an users manual, as well as a 130W power supply included in the delivery. The docking station is suitable for both the Dell Latitude E5420 and E6420.


Docking Station - Lenovo ThinkPad Basic Dock 40A00000WW

[Translate to Englisch:] Dockingstation Lenovo ThinkPad Basic Dock 40A00000WW

This perticular docking station is suitable for Lenovo ThinkPad L and T series. Depending on the type of docking station (Basic, Pro or Ultra) it is possible to connect up to 3 screens. Beside that, a plugged in AC Adapter will charge the laptop in the dock. The special highlight of this docking station is a USB 3.0 connection with a constant power supply, which means that you can charge your smartphone or tablet even if the laptop is not in the dock.

HP UltraSlim Docking Station D9Y32AA#ABB

[Translate to Englisch:] HP UltraSlim Dockingstation D9Y32AA#ABB

This HP docking station has an integrated anti-theft device and also offers two different locking mechanism for theft protection. Adding onto that it also has a USB 3.0 port with a constant power supply which can charge mobile devices. The docking station is suitable e.g. for the HP EliteBook 750 G-Series or the ProBook 640 G2. Included in the scope of supply are a user manual as well as a 65Watt power supply.


Fujitsu Docking Station FUJ:CP662803-XX

[Translate to Englisch:] Fujitsu Docking Station FUJ:CP662803-XX

With its sleek and thin design, the Fujitsu docking station doesn't strike you immediately when attached to the laptop. Two monitors can be connected to this docking station. Besides, you can connect up to four more USB 3.0. Lastly, it's suitable for many devices, including the Fujitsu LifeBook E-Series and Celsius Mobile H730.

Lenovo ThinkPad Port Replicator USB-C Dock 40A90090EU

[Translate to Englisch:] Lenovo ThinkPad Port Replikator USB-C Dock 40A90090EU

If you want to extend the display from a tablet to external screens, you are well served with this port replicator. The laptop you want to connect has to have an USB-C output. On top of that, with this port replicator you can also connect your smartphone or tablet. In order for that to work, the mobile device must have a USB-C port and must support the function to duplicate the display.

Universal Port Replicator HP 3005pr USB 3.0 Y4H06AA#ABB

[Translate to Englisch:] Universal Port Replikator HP 3005pr USB 3.0 Y4H06AA#ABB

This HP port replicator is designed in an elegant and simple way. With a USB 3.0 cable, laptop such as the HP Pavilion 15 series and the HP ProBook can be connected to the port replicator. Unlike other replicators, this one can be used with all notebooks which have an USB 3.0 port. It is possible to connect up to two external screens.