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QNAP Network storage

We create more and more data in our daily life, its photos full of memories, videos or important documents. One thing all this data, be it old family photos or an important contract, has in common is that we don't want to lose it under any circumstances. Hard drives and other storage technologies like SSDs have become more and more reliable, but a notebook or a computer is not the safest way to store data. QNAP offers a solution for that.

The network storage solutions provide a safe place for all your data. With multiple redundant hard drives, they ensure that even if one or even two hard drives fail, your data is not lost. If a hard drive fails in your NAS, it is extremely important that it is replaced quickly. Because the failure of another disk could mean the loss of valuable data. You can find the right hard drives in our store. Moreover, thanks to our large warehouse in Germany, your order will often be with you the very next day and you can replace the defective part.

If you use the network storage for more than just backups or if many users access it at the same time, the limited speed of conventional hard disks quickly becomes a problem. To keep your device fast anyway, you can use SSD hard drives. An SSD can be used in a QNAP NAS as normal data storage, but SSDs are still relatively expensive. Therefore, you can also use an SSD as a cache. In this case, frequently used data is cached on the fast SSD, but most of the data is still on the cheaper HDD. This allows for a middle ground between speed and inexpensive storage.

Another part you can upgrade your QNAP with is RAM. Expanding the RAM often speeds up the device and also allows you to run more services on it, such as a web server. A disadvantage of many inexpensive models, like the QNAP TS-251D or the TS-253Be is that they only use a single power supply. If this fails, you can no longer use the device. With our model search and fast shipping, the right power supply will be with you in no time. This way your device will only be offline for a short time.

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