Acer Aspire E spare parts

Acer Aspire E spare parts

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Acer Aspire E series

Acer Aspire E Series

With the Aspire E Series, Acer is once again focusing on less demanding consumers. However, this doesn't mean that these are slow, old notebooks, quite the opposite. The Aspire E series also includes models with the latest Intel processors and fast SSDs. This makes them ideal not only for office applications and surfing the web, but also for more demanding tasks such as image processing. Thanks to the large 15-inch Full-HD display and the large RAM, these notebooks are also ideally equipped for multitasking. In addition, there is a keyboard with number keys. Should you have any problems with this, you can purchase a new one from us or have it repaired by us. Due to these features, the notebook is also suitable as a business device for smaller companies. This is supplemented by a good battery life, should this decrease, since the battery is defective, we offer original replacement batteries for almost all models. In addition, we also offer batteries of our own brand, which often even offer a higher capacity and thus a longer runtime than the original batteries. In addition, some models are available with a dedicated graphics card, so that some less demanding games can also be played on these notebooks.

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